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Fee Schedule

Please Note: The fees quoted are based upon the difficulty of the assignment and the surrounding average neighborhood price range for a particular neighborhood. Fees are not based upon the value of the subject property. The listing of average neighborhood price range is only used as a cursory guide and is one of many factors used to determine the difficulty of an assignment.

Please call if you have any questions: 1.888.816.0609

Service Type Fee
Single Family Home / Condo (Under $1,000,000) $350
Single Family Home / Condo (Over $1,000,000) $450
2 - 4 Unit Income Properties (Under $1,000,000) $600
2 - 4 Unit Income Properties (Over $1,000,000) $700
SFR Rent Schedule $125
SFR Operating Inc Statement (completed with Rent Schedule) $50
Drive By Appraisal $250
Review Appraisal $150
442 Inspection $100
Appraisal Update $150

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