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What to be aware of with Divorce Settlements

"What God has put together, let no man pull asunder" - Hollow words it would seem, given the record levels of divorce and marital breakdown. Marriage, that great social institution that served as the foundation and reflection of the values our society is today a broken, sullied commodity in our world, and Divorce Settlements once a blessedly rare occurrence are now quite common.

One of the more unpleasant aspects of Divorce Settlements is that they are the monstrous hybrid of the Inquisition process and every single misdeed committed by a spouse is placed under close scrutiny as a means to extract maximum financial gains. The overwhelming desire by many aggrieved spouses to seek their 'pound of flesh' is heart rendering. This article gives an overview of the issues and problems that arise in regards to divorce settlements and why a Divorce Property Appraiser is a good idea to use in such situations.

Divorce Settlements by their nature, will typically involve the presence of an appraisal company in order to ensure that the full value of the total estate as well as the assets owned individually by the partners to the marriage are properly and accurately valued.

One of the most contentious issues that will often arise in regards to Divorce Settlements is how the assets should be divided and that is why it is simply imperative that you rely upon a Divorce Property Appraiser to resolve the issue.

What are the benefits of using a qualified and licensed Divorce Property Appraiser to deal with Divorce Settlements?

  • They provide a fast tracked and streamlined procedure, with their final decision and ruling being final with no means of appeal. This is good because it means that neither spouse can seek to wilfully prolong or protract the proceedings to cause undue problems for the other.
  • By virtue of the issues identified above, the Appraiser will also reduce the need for the final determination reaching the court for litigation which in itself is extremely beneficial as it saves the time, emotional stress and costs of pursuing litigation.
  • The value of all assets, whether real or personal, will be valued by a competent and experienced professional with extensive knowledge in this area. Rest assured, you will get every penny and dollar that is owed to you.
  • In the event that either of the parties to the divorce procedure should refuse to cooperate with the Divorce Property Appraiser proposed by the other party, then the party that is refusing to cooperate will be in a very weak legal position and will be compelled to explain their reasons in court.
  • If the event specified in #4 should arise, this means that the party that does decide to use a Divorce Property Appraiser will be granted access to a qualified expert witness who will appear and testify in open court on their behalf. This makes their case much stronger and more persuasive to the court.

Divorce settlements can be a very traumatic time for spouses and the process of ensuring that all the property is properly valued and assessed can be pretty daunting. That is why we at "Appraisal California" have a well-balanced team with different complementary skills and abilities to cover such an eventuality.

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